Ramona is an exciting local artist who has called somewhere in the Garden Route home for most of her life. Born in Oudtshoorn, raised in George and now residing in Knysna, she carries the colour, life and creativity she has experienced through into her art.

Passionate about wildlife and the intricate details that colour the majestic beasts of the wild, most of her time is spent portraying animals. Blending stark realities with a tinge of the abstract, her paintings combine realism and fantasy perfectly. Her careful use of texture adds warmth and dimension to her art.

“I paint things that move me, whether it be the close cropped face of a zebra or a landscape with an old farmhouse. I know that many artists concentrate on a specific theme and become known for that, but I don’t like being confined. It is too restricting. MY THEME IS PAINT. When I see a beautiful animal, or a landscape speaks to my heart, all I want to do is reflect it on canvas. Painting is not an occupation or a hobby, PAINTING IS AN EXTENSION OF WHO I AM"

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